Medical device industry tools, methods, and problems

Thanks for considering to take this short survey about current problems and the tools and methods you use to cope. See below how to get a FREE white paper on preventing recalls.

The 1st section is for identification and organization characterization. Feel free to be anonymous, but some data would be helpful statistically.

The 2nd section is about regulatory compliance and its relationship to risk management.

The 3rd section is about risk management and what practices are common.

The last section is open-ended.

I am researching the impact of the current 'recall epidemic' and the consequences of the rise in recalls on individual firms. I have also explored solutions for firms that need to lower the number of recalls, lower the effort and costs to avoid recalls or need to know with confidence they are preventing recalls, and aren't relying on luck.

I have developed a way that does not need luck, and that can be plugged into your existing processes and practices. It is partly statistical and partly social. If you take this survey and submit your answers I will send you a white paper with the method for FREE.

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Rick Bollinger